Reputation Repairman

What is Online Reputation Management? 

Online Reputation Management involves understanding, maintaining, and restoring your image and presence on the internet.

Why do you need Online Reputation Management?

Your personal information is all over the internet:
In today's internet connected world, you are constantly leaving traces of information about yourself online. Through search engines and social media, anyone can find information about you personally, your business, or your employees. Even if you never post content online, other people might post comments and information about you without your knowledge. There are also the “find your lost friend” types of services that will give users access to your address, phone number, and even relatives; that information is available free of charge!

Increased public scrutiny: Society expects you to be "politically correct”. People lose jobs, positions, and business opportunities because of the traces they leave online. Whether you leave comments on a blog, upload inappropriate photos to social networks, or receive bad customer reviews, there are numerous ways for your reputation to be stained. Even a simple joke amongst friends can be misunderstood by other people and stain your reputation. A stained reputation is like a stained shirt: some stains are hard to remove. When a stain gets hard to remove, you should hire an expert.

Who needs Online Reputation Management?

The more appropriate question would be who doesn't? Most of us assume that you only need to manage your reputation if you are a celebrity or a government official because we see so many scandals unfold in the news. Their stories are in the news because they sell. In reality, people of all type have suffered from a lack of online reputation management. We all make mistakes but do not let it become a permanent stain!

Mister Ji’s Reputation Management Services:

Benefits  for Businesses 
  • Prevent Lawsuits
  • Negativity can spread like a virus
  • Don’t lose customers
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Show you care
  • Prevent copycats & stolen ideas
  • Prevent mistaken Identity
Benefits for Employees 
  • Don't lose job opportunities
  • Keep your job
  • Maintain co-worker relationships
  • Don't miss out on promotions
  • Prevent identity theft
  • Prevent mistaken Identity 
  • Keep person life, personal