America was once the land of innovation and inventions. These days, we are told to crush our dreams to pursue practical jobs, which may not even be available. America has always been about opportunity and chasing dreams. We can sit around and wait for jobs to open up, or we can start creating them. Someone once said; if you believe in what you do, hire yourself! Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the key to creating jobs, and delivering innovative products and services.


Unfortunately, many small business and entrepreneurial ventures are set to fail from the beginning. Most great ideas fail because they lack proper research, marketing, and branding. In addition, we now operate in a global market; you can order or find anything from anywhere through the internet. Because customers have so many choices, a business has to work hard to stay relevant in its market. Success in the business world requires you to be up-to-date on technology, marketing techniques, and to operate in an internet-connected world. In the old days, being good at what you did was enough. Now, due to global competition, that is no longer enough. Considering all that is required to become an entrepreneur or to run a small business, it’s no mystery why most businesses fail. You might be thinking, why I can't I just hire people to do everything for me?

It’s difficult for one person to focus on their craft and to learn everything else that is necessary to operate a business. You can choose to hire several experts that specialize in different areas to help your business succeed but working with many experts can be confusing, time consuming, and very costly. Even if you can afford their service, each may provide a piece of the puzzle but the pieces may not fit together. It is like having multiple artists paint different parts of one picture. The time spent on searching for many service providers, reading reviews, and explaining your needs to each one is time that should be spent on improving your services, and making money.


With Mister Ji, you personally deal with one person who understands your business as much as you do. You no longer have to find a: marketing consultant, branding expert, website designer, graphics designer, public relations specialist, or business coach. Mister Ji can handle all of that for you. Even if there are tasks we can’t handle, we can turn to our many associates to solve your problems, while you continue to focus on your business. Mister Ji takes a personal approach and when possible, we will conduct in-person consultations and visit your business site. Not only will we build your website, we will build your brand. We will help you develop a niche in your own market to attract loyal customers. By understanding your strengths, and limitations, Mister Ji can reduce your chances of failure and increase your chance of success. Mister Ji aims to guide you to success, while allowing your business to stay true to your vision.