Social Media Maven

What is social media?

Social Media is hard to define because it is a very broad term and encompasses many subcategories that need their own definition. The best definition I have found actually came from Wikipedia. "Social Media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks." Social media uses both internet and mobile technologies.

What are the subcategories of Social Media?

There are many subcategories but I am going to cover only those that can be used for marketing.

  1. Social Networks (Facebook, Google+)
  2. Multimedia Communities (YouTube, DailyMotion, Instagram)
  3. Blogs and Micro-blogs (Tumblr, Twitter)
  4. Social Bookmarking( Reddit, StumbleUpon)
  5. News Sites ( Digg)


Why are there so many social media sites and applications?

When something is popular, others are bound to copy it. Secondly, different sites have different communities. The differences in communities might due to: geographic areas, cultures, age, gender, interests or professions. The third reason is that each may have offer something different for the users. Some might be easy to use, while others might provide more features and flexibility.

Do businesses need social media? 

According to the Business Insider, "social media is now the top Internet activity."  Social media users are usually very active and engaged, which makes social media  a great way to market your business and connect with your customers. Because different social media sites and applications offer different communities and features, you must use the right one. It is not practical to try and use every social media site out there; you simply will not have the time. Select a social media service that matches your style and your customer base.

Benefits of Mister Ji's Social Media Services:

  • Stay connected with your customers 
  • Increase traffic to website 
  • Influence purchasing decisions 
  • Get referrals 
  • Build lasting connections
  • Post announcements 
  • Receive feedback 
  • Express your style