What businesses should do during down time - Mister Ji's Jinius - Business Tips - Vol 2


My motto is that the only free time you have in life is the time that you can get back (none)!

A common mistake that entrepreneurs and small businesses make is that they stop working when they do not have customers. You must treat downtime for your business like preparing and rehearsing a speech before you deliver it. It is true that without customers, you don't have a business. However, if you are ever without customers for a short period of time, focus on the following: 

  • Marketing - If you do not have customers, do things to reach them.Whether it is through online or offline methods. Send out post cards, emails, pass out flyers, work on your website, connect with them through social network sites, create advertisements, update your blog and etc...
  • Improve your service - Figure out ways to improve your products and services. Continue doing what is working and figure out how to change what is not working.
  • Organization - You can take the time to organize your business, so that you can function faster and more smoothly.
  • Training - Take the time to learn new things, so that you can become more valuable and add more services to your business.
  • Scout the competition - Take this time to check out what other businesses in your market are doing. You might learn a thing or two about how they are driving in customers.
  • Assess costs and benefits - Sometimes we get so busy with handling customers we do not take the time to see which services we are providing or paying for are beneficial to us. Use this time to refine your operations, take a second look at your services, and to reduce your expenditures.
  • Team Building - Downtime can  be an excuse to improve your team morale. Do something with your employees that will help improve their mood, which eventually leads to more productive employees. Also, thank them for their contributions.
  • Spend time with the family: Yes, we all have personal obligations, why not take care of them while your business is slow?